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Time to Renovate your Kitchen? Smart Concept helps you design, pick out material and constructs your ideal kitchen so that you are staying in your budget while maintaining elegance, quality and aesthetic appeal. The kitchen is the center of the home, that’s why hiring a professional IKEA Contractor  could make the difference when wanting to build the perfect kitchen in Saskatoon or Regina.



An professional team of crafts, trades, laborers and interior designers specializing in a wide range of commercial and residential IKEA Kitchen Projects throughout Saskatchewan


Smart Concept is Saskatoon’s Quality IKEA Kitchen Building Contractor, whether a New Build or Renovating Your Kitchen, Our Professional Team works with Diligence and Precision to Ensure Your Kitchen is Perfect!

Why do you need a Professional IKEA Installer?

Professional IKEA installers, like Saskatoon Based Smart Concept, closely assess your vision for a kitchen, helps you get that vision turned into a design taking into account all your requirements, budgets, your preferred styles, while paying the close attention to the smallest details giving you proactive feedback to along the way so that your design is drafted to perfection. Assisting you in choosing your IKEA cabinets, flooring, counter-tops and other accessories. Once a design is finalized, the IKEA installer is skilled to build and assemble an IKEA kitchen in under three days.

But I Already Have My IKEA Kitchen Design?

That’s Great! Send over your unique design to Smart Concept for a free consultation and quote, totally obligation free or come visit us at our Showroom in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Smart Concept is not only a comprehensive IKEA Kitchen Designer, we are experienced with hundred of New IKEA kitchen Projects & IKEA Kitchen Renovation Projects!

Absolutely Fantastic job by iKabinets, we recently had our kitchen renovated and we were debating whether we should do an IKEA kitchen but it seemed to be the most value and the cabinets my wife picked out on our trip to Edmonton were great, but we were worried there was no one is Saskatchewan that could come to Install then. That’s when we found out about iKabinets and they came in and completed the job professionally and I have no complaints, everything was installed flush and nicely! I would hire them again!

Allen B.

IKEA kitchens are becoming more and more popular these days and if your like me you want everything done to perfection to the fine detail, so I opted to hire iKabinets who did a quality job with our kitchen reno, if you guys are doing your kitchen, especially an IKEA kitchen, these are the IKEA Installers to call!

Sarah M.

How to Choose the Perfect IKEA Cabinets?

The main reasons why people choose IKEA cabinets is because they maintain relative quality and aesthetic appeal while being a major cost saving for the homeowner. Since IKEA cabinets are composed of particle board covered with laminate, it can never replace the solid nature of wood. Wood makes it longer lasting, but nonetheless IKEA cabinets can be a excellent alternative for a fraction of the cost. Since solid plywood and customized cabinets are considerably more expensive and since hardly anyone is looking at the inside of a cabinet, homeowners just don’t see the reason is spending so much on them.

Standardized IKEA Cabinet Sizes

IKEA has standardized there Cabinet sizes consequently not allowing for custom widths and dimensions. Forcing you to use filler pieces to complete any leftover spaces. It can be difficult to finish these voids and left over spaces and maintain the consistent flow and constant feel of quality in your kitchen. Not to mention the substantial learning curve in itself to putting together IKEA Cabinets yourself. That is why we recommend you hire a Professional IKEA Kitchen & Cabinet Installer, that has dealt with a multitude of different situations when it comes to IKEA Kitchens & Cabinets. Our company Smart Concept is the Professional IKEA Kitchen Builder and Smart Concept Installer based in Saskatoon. Offering services throughout Saskatchewan with a focus on IKEA kitchen installation in Regina and Saskatoon.

IKEA’s 3-D Kitchen Planning Tool

IKEA also offers a unique 3D planning tool on their website to perfectly plan your kitchen and place cabinets and fit everything as smooth as possible utilizing IKEA products. Kitchen design is something Smart Concept can assist you with to ensure your kitchen is as you always wanted it. Since the kitchen has become the main centerpiece of a home, it is essential that a great kitchen be designed and installed to resonate the harmonious flow and style throughout the home. IKEA offers a wide variety of choices when it comes to their cabinets, shelves, interior lighting and other interior organizers & accessorizes. Additionally when building cabinets, we always recommend to spend the little extra on dampeners for drawer to ensure that they are not being slammed and giving a softer more smoother close.

Please visit www.ikea.com to see their selections, and start designing you kitchen today with Saskatoon’s number one choice for Smart Concept and Kitchen Design & Installation!

What are the Type of Cabinets & What Smart Concept do I need?

IKEA Base Cabinets

As the name implies these are cabinets underneath your countertop. IKEA offers a wide variety of kitchen base cabinets with varying widths, designs, and internal features.

Base Cabinet Depths

IKEA offers these in two standard depths or 15 inches and 24 inches. When designing your kitchen you should utilize the 24″ depth cabinets in the standard layout for your kitchen. Note that most appliances such as ovens and dishwashers are designed for 24′ depth cabinets to be installed flush with these appliances.

In narrower sections like in areas where people may be passing through or for the island where you may need some storage underneath your island, you should utilize the 15″ depth cabinets.

Base Cabinet Widths & Height

IKEA base cabinets are offered in a wide range of widths including 12″, 15″, 18″, 24″, 30″, 36″, 38″, and 47″. Although a majority of kitchens use 30″ or 36″ width cabinets. Base Cabinets are all made 30″ in Height and there is no variation there, but with added legs and plinths to hide those legs, total height can reach 34.5″.  Special Sink Base Cabinets are designed to accommodate the kitchen sink these are typically offered in 24″ and 36″ widths and 24″ in depth.

What Should I Consider in My IKEA Base Cabinet?

When choosing your Base Cabinets, keep in mind your style of living. Things like how you typically organize your kitchen and where you store certain objects and how you would like to have access to certain items. Additionally the choice of cabinets will have to match with your choice of cooktop, dishwasher, oven and sink.

So choosing the right cabinet can be a tedious task. Being Saskatoon and Regina Premier IKEA kitchen Installer, we are experienced with numerous IKEA kitchen & Cabinet Designs, Smart Concept can assist and make recommendations to ensure your interior kitchen space flows and matches.

IKEA Wall Cabinets

IKEA wall cabinets are the ones that are situated on the wall, typically above countertops nut can be placed below countertops as well. A majority of IKEA wall cabinets are standard design of 15″ in depth. When picking out wall cabinets note that the internal layout is less flexible than base cabinets. Typically many of them have a variety of door fronts to choose from and come with adjustable shelves.

IKEA has many other neat wall cabinets to choose from including those that go above your refrigerator, wine racks, and corner cabinets. When choosing your wall cabinets, just as with base cabinets keep in mind your style of living, storage of objects and ease of accessing those objects.

IKEA Tall Cabinets

IKEA’s Tall Cabinets are perfect massive storage units that can be used as a pantry area or hold specialty items including wall ovens, microwaves or simply storage for all those pans, pots, juicing machines, air fryers and other specialty kitchen equipment. Sitting on the floor these Cabinets tower a standard 90″ or 80″ in height with various internal storage features and options including pullout drawers, compartments, and adjustable shelving.

IKEA Cabinet Accessories

IKEA offers a wide selection on the Pull and Fronts of Cabinets to match your preference in Colors and Styles to fit your needs. Doors and Drawers come in various IKEA styles including Shaker Style doors, Slab Style doors, Beadboard Style doors, and Raised Panel doors.

Since it might be difficult to clean under cabinets and some folks might want a little more height for their base cabinets, IKEA offers legs to raise the cabinets and toe kicks or plinths to cover them from view. Now exposed legs can give a more modern look to certain kitchens but this goes by client preferences.

IKEA: Affordable, Reliable and Aesthetically Pleasing

In summary, IKEA can be a great choice overall offering a variety of options. With sales and promotions, IKEA cabinets are appealing to all budgets and tastes. When you get around to designing your IKEA kitchen be sure to call the Professional IKEA Builders of Saskatoon & Regina, Smart Concept.


Why Choose the Premium Saskatoon IKEA Kitchen Installer?

We are dedicated to quality and customer satisfaction and will save you the headache of assembly and make sure your kitchen and cabinets are perfect. Over the years with a team of skilled trades and crafts, we have designed, assembled, customized and built a multitude of diverse IKEA kitchens. We utilized specialized installation techniques to ensure that your life is made easy as we make your kitchen perfectly flush and ensure every detail is given attention. With performance and quality, Smart Concept in the first choice for Saskatoon, Regina, and Saskatchewan for building IKEA kitchens and IKEA Cabinet assembly.