Smart Concept Kitchens & More. is Saskatchewan’s Leading Professional IKEA Kitchen Installer. Based in Saskatoon, we have a prime focus on projects around and near Saskatoon and Regina. We focus our expertise on IKEA kitchens building them from scratch or renovating existing kitchens. Our Services go beyond kitchens and we also do other residential and commercial interior renovations, interior design, custom woodwork, and interior finishing.


We are committed to to our clients by  upholding our values of delivering quality and performance in every project and task we take on.


Although each project is unique, this is a outlay to the services we offer to our clients.

Measurements & Analysis

When starting a project the first thing we do is come take an assessment of the property. This includes taking measurements and dimensions to ensure we are giving adequate space for ease and comfort living. Additionally we can see where there are clearance issues and determine how to design and meeting building code and regulations.



After determining the measurements and getting a feel for the design, we make your vision into a reality. We use software to generate a hard copy of your design. Throughout the design process, clients are encouraged to be a mutual partner throughout the process ensuring that client and contractor feedback are continuously being applied thus improving the design in sequence.


Building and Constructing

Once the Design is Finalized, We start building your design with precision and accuracy. If an IKEA kitchen design, our installer can easily complete an install of a small to medium sized kitchen in just 2 days. We are committed to performance and meeting deadlines for our clients while still ensuring quality is being met.